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Moranthology. Caitlin Moran

Moranthology - Caitlin Moran I really enjoyed How to be a Woman, Moran's previous work which dealt with feminism and sparked a debate among a huge amount of people on feminism's place in today's society, which was really cool. Moranthology is essentially a collection of her columns that she writes for The Times, which I was super excited about as I don't tend to buy that paper-and the paywall prevents me from reading her columns.As with How to be a Woman, Moran's writing is incredibly approachable, and frequently feels like you are just being chatted to by your really talkative friend. Moranthology covers a huge variety of subjects; from insights into her relationship with her husband (music journalist Pete Paphides) to various TV reviews and political musings. Her enthusiasm about certain topics, especially the television series Sherlock which is loved by virtually everyone, is infectious and I couldn't help but have a good time reading it.I will say that I was surprised to find Moran's writing more effective when she was writing on the more 'serious' side. For instance, her columns discussing what it's like being poor, the one that dealt with mental illness, her review of two heartwrenching documentaries and her piece on the changing abortion rules. I felt that this columns rang a little more true than some other pieces, where sometimes the humour seemed like it was being a little forced.All in all, I recommend Moranthology as an entertaining and diverting read with moments of real insight that makes me hope that Moran will put together another collection of her writing, or write a new book, soon.