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The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green It's difficult to really write a review of 'The Fault in Our Stars', as so much of what I wish to talk about will drastically spoil your reading experience. What should be known about it is that is wonderfully well written, and pretty heartbreaking.Hazel is John Green's first female protagonist, and suffers from terminal cancer, although is kept alive through a drug that seems to somewhat magically work on her (Green acknowledges that the drug exists because he would like such a thing to exist). She's spunky, sarcastic and doesn't let her illness get the best of her by any matter. Augustus Waters, on the other hand, has also experienced a form of cancer although at present is not suffering. He is also one of the best love interests I've come across in Young Adult fiction; although he's not like any guy that I've ever met, he doesn't seem ridiculous. Hazel and Augustus' love story is the driving force throughout the novel, and is really lovely, believable and has you desperately willing for everything to go really well for them.As with any Green novel, despite the sad subject matter of teenage cancer, there are plenty of humourous moments, although unlike the previous novels I've read by him (Looking for Alaska, Paper Towns, Will Grayson Will Grayson) the story, at least for me, felt far more poignant and more mature than the 'boy attempts to understand girl' tales that tend to dominate his other novels (although I do like those too!). Green also lays to rest his normal crazy supporting character tendency, having the parents of Hazel playing a really great part; it had to be one of the first times that I was truly fascinated by the adult characters in a YA novel.'The Fault in Our Stars' seems, to me, to be a departure from Green's previous novels and appears to be a move towards more mature content (although I could be very wrong). It has to be one of the best written novels that I've read, regardless of genre, and I really do recommend it.