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This Is a Love Story

This is a Love Story - Jessica Thompson I picked up This is a Love Story, primarily because the cover was lovely and it was on offer in Tesco when I was on trip to the supermarket. Since reading David Nicholl's One Day, I've been on something of a mission to discover a couple that I was as invested in as Emma and Dexter. This is a Love Story did not quite reach the same heights of One Day, although was reasonably compelling.The main positive of This is a Love Story is that generally, the two protagonists are pretty likeable. At the very least, Nick is a million times more likeable than Dexter. However, the fact that they were both quite good characters is not helped by the fact that the story takes place over a number of years in which time both are kind of consumed by their romantic feelings for the other and it drove me a little bit crazy that the pair of them just could not get it together! Whilst I appreciate that a lot of the time it can be pretty scary to admit such feelings, it did make the book drag for me, as I could not invest in Nick and Sienna's other relationships as they spent the majority of the time still pining for the other.However, Thompson does inject some real fun into the novel through the supporting characters. Sienna and Nick's friends are all really well created and manage to escape the cliches of 'Sex & The City' type people. Sienna's father also plays a really interesting role in the novel, and I liked being able to see the relationships between older children and their parents. Thompson's prose keeps the novel moving along as well as it can with the somewhat frustrating plot, with the final scenes marking a really sweet ending to the novel. As this was Thompson's debut novel I'll be keeping an eye out for what she does next, but I think I'll be adjusting my expectations a little.