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Hamlet (Norton Critical Editions)

Hamlet: An Authoritative Text, Intellectual Backgrounds, Extracts from the Sources, Essays in Criticism (Norton Critical Edition) - Cyrus Hoy, William Shakespeare Hamlet was a text for my AS Level coursework, and I only had some limited exposure to it before; I knew the plot and that was about it.Shakespeare paints a wonderful picture of a corrupt government led by Hamlet's uncle/new father Claudius. Whilst I did think Hamlet did dither a bit too much, I wouldn't doubt I'd have a similar view were I told by a ghost of my father that I need to kill my uncle. Yet Hamlet is wonderful because of this, I think, through Hamlet's pondering we get some of the best soliloquies written and we also get the wonderful 'Mousetrap' scene; which is one of my favourites, alongside the Rosencrantz/Guildenstern/Hamlet/Horatio scene.Plus, this version came with loads of handy critical essays in the back to help with things like coursework.