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Mockingjay  - Suzanne  Collins

I was a little dubious going into Mockingjay, as a lot of people seemed to be pretty negative about the series end. So I was really pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

The plot is a step away from the Capitol and the arena. Unlike the other novels, no Hunger Games takes place. Katniss now lives with other refugees from the destroyed District 12 in District 13 where she is being trained as a 'Mockingjay' in order to bring together all the other Districts against the Capitol. The novel has a lot more of a political aspect compared to the other novels, and was kind of reminiscent of Patrick Ness's The Ask & The Answer which I really enjoyed. Collins was also fearless when it came to killing off characters-this finale is a lot more violent than even the first two.

In terms of the characters, Katniss remains a compelling protaganist. Although understandably a little less hard, having survived two Hunger Games, she is still far from a pushover. The majority of the criticism I've read is regarding the apparent love triangle issue. As I said when I read Catching Fire, I didn't really connect to Gale at all, and in this novel he seems even more to fulfil the 'friendzone' type guy. His actions within the novel further alienated him as a character from me. I also really liked the development of Finnick, into more than just an arena heartthrob. 

My only major problem with the novel was the Epilogue, which I just didn't really think needed to be there at all. I do feel as though a lot of Young Adult romances are portrayed as being forever, which is rarely the case and this epilogue plays into that. All in all, I was pleased with this wrap-up to the trilogy