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Before I Go to Sleep - S.J.  Watson

I think my experience with Before I Go To Sleep was definitely a case of overly high expectations not quite being met. The novel is S.J. Watson's debut and seemed to win all sorts of critical acclaim, including Crime Thriller of 2011. It follows Christine, a woman who wakes up everyday having no idea who she is following a traumatic injury. She lives with a man called Ben, who tells her she is her husband, and she is called daily by a Dr Nash, who tells her that he is her doctor and that she has been keeping a journal recording her experiences.

The general plot synopsis sounded really interesting, the idea of someone literally starting from scratch every day could have some really interesting implications. However, I did not really feel that there was much of a build up of tension until around the last 100 pages; prior to that I didn't really connect with the plot of the novel, it did just feel a little repetitive. 

In terms of characterisation, understandably Christine was something of a void as she obviously doesn't know anything about herself. In terms of the other characters, Watson did do a good job in building mistrust towards pretty much everyone else in Christine's life as she also struggled to work out who was telling the truth.

I did guess the final plot twist quite a bit before Christine did; I did feel that Watson let a few too many plot holes and questions arise to make that really shocking. However,Before I Go To Sleep is in no way a bad novel, and it will probably make a highly entertaining film (starring Nicole Kidman, Colin Firth & Mark Strong no less)-it just is by no means the most successful thriller I've read